Ecleti ( has updated Mac MACSpoof to version 1.3.

It’s an update of the Mac utility that allows the user to change the MAC address of the network interfaces of a Mac (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc. with any custom value.The utility display a list of all the network interfaces of the Mac and selecting one the user is able to assign the value from one created at the moment or using a list of pre-defined values reusable over time.

MACSpoof uses XPC Apple technology to change the requested Mac address and is Apple Developer signed, Gatekeeper enabled and Apple Notarized for maximum user security. It includes a PDF user guide

Version 1.3 is optimized for MacOS 10.14 Mojave and offers improved installation of the core functionality mode. MACSpoof 1.3 requires macOS 10.10 or high rand costs $9.99.