MuxLab Component Video Hub Streamlines Cabling

Cost-Efficient Cat5 Cabling for Digital Signage and Retail Video Kiosks

Montreal, Canada — MuxLab Inc ( ), a designer
and manufacturer of CCTV and audio-video connectivity solutions for
copper twisted pair, announces its latest product for the custom
audio-video installation and structured cabling markets…The
Component Video Hub (500250, 500251, 500252, 500253).

Developed for commercial AV and digital signage integrators, the
Component Video Hub distributes high resolution component video
(RGB/YPbPr) plus Digital Audio to up to eight (8) or sixteen (16)
displays (depending on the model) via Category 5 twisted pair. The
product may be cascaded with other hubs to support up to two (2)
levels and features built-in ground loop isolation on every port for
maximum picture quality.

The Component Video Hub works in conjunction with MuxLab’s Component
Video/Digital Audio Balun (500050) to provide a complete and
cost-efficient cabling solution. Applications include digital
signage, boardroom systems, multi-room systems, classroom training,
retail systems, electronic billboards, electronic signs,
video kiosks,
point-of-sale displays, in-store video.

The product is fully UTP–based with RJ45S connectors on both the
input and output ports, allowing the product to be installed in a
local telecom room in a structured cabling system. The product
supports HDTV (1080i/p) resolution up to 500 ft (152m) via Cat5
between the video source and the furthest display with the hub being
situated anywhere within the 500 ft range. At standard resolution
(480i/p), the product supports up to 1,000 ft (300m) via Cat5.

The product is expected to be available through MuxLab distributors
by November 2006. For more information, please visit the MuxLab
website ( ) or contact MuxLab at +1
514-905-0588, or