Broad Valentina Technology Improvements And New Visual Sql Query Builder

September 18, 2006. Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc
announces the immediate availability of Valentina Technology Release
2.4.2 for all developer and business products, and Valentina Studio
2.4.2, now with visual SQL Query Builder.

Valentina 2’s next generation, object-relational database model
builds on the traditional relational database model much like C++
builds on top of the C language. All that you know from working with
traditional database systems from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft also
apply to Valentina-based development. This robust technology excels
at ultra fast management of millions of records.

Valentina business products include Valentina Office Server for
Windows and Mac OS X (PPC and Intel) and Valentina Studio, a fast and
easy to use visual tool for creating, browsing, querying and
administering both local and server-side Valentina databases.
Valentina developer products are the Valentina 2 Application
Developer Kits that allow for royalty free incorporation into desktop
applications. Valentina Developer Network allows royalty free
distribution of Valentina Embedded Server. Developer solutions are
available for every major development system on Mac OS X and Windows:
Apple xCode (C++, Cocoa), MS Visual Studio (.net and COM), REALbasic,
Revolution, Delphi and more.

Valentina technology includes support for Valentina XML
import/export, Valentina SQL (SQL 92 + extensions), native Unicode
UTF-16 support, simultaneous data exchange, transparent file formats,
and more. Highly optimized and unique technology allows Valentina
database solutions to operate hundreds to thousands of times faster
than competing database technologies.

Valentina 2.4.2 introduces the following improvements:

General Performance Improvements. 23 performance improvements to the
Valentina 2.4.2 database kernel.

Speed improvements in SQL: UPDATE…WHERE. This SQL call has been
optimized so that it is between 20-30% faster.

New Example: FromToFile. Shows how to save an existing disk file into
BLOB field of database and later read it back from database to a new
disk file. Available for all ADKs and Valentina Developer Network.

Visual SQL Query Builder Plugin. Valentina Studio now has a new
plugin module. This module allows both experts and users new to
database development to visually create and execute complex SQL

* Diagram Pane. Specify tables and links to be used in the new query.

* Contextual Menus. All objects have contextual menus and mouse-based

* Drag Relationships. Drag from one field of a table to another to
establish links between the tables.

* Unique Valentina Objects. Use also Valentina unique features such
as ObjectPtr Links and Binary Links.

* Visual SQL: Joins. Specify conditions for JOINs.

* Visual Filtering: Specify filter conditions for fields to be used
in the WHERE and HAVING clauses.

* Build queries with DISTINCT, GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.

* Specify fields and sort order for ORDER BY clause.

Visual SQL Query Builder transforms the visual input into SQL and
allows one button execution of the result. Valentina Studio is
available in a Mac OS X Universal Binary version and Windows version
for $49.

Valentina 2.4.2 is a free upgrade for current users of Valentina 2.x
products. All new features have been documented on the company wiki.
Valentina 2.4.2 ADKs start at $199. Valentina Developer Network,
which allows royalty free distribution of Valentina Embedded Server,
starts at $499.

For more information, visit the Paradigma Software website at

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is
the leading provider of incredibly fast and robust database solutions
for business and development. Valentina 2 technology powers solutions
as diverse as graphics applications from major Japanese electronics
companies to solutions supporting US public schools. Paradigma
Software solutions are available for every major development
environment on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.