Perfect for Downloading Movies from iTunes, myvu Revolutionizes
Mobile Entertainment with Portable, Stylish Video Eyewear That
Enables Large Virtual TV Screen

WESTWOOD, Mass. (September 18, 2006) — The MicroOptical Corporation,
the leader in video eyewear for the portable electronics industry,
today introduced the myvu Made for iPod edition. Available for $399,
the new myvu personal media viewer is compatible with the 30GB, 60GB
and the new 80GB Apple iPods with video, and is the perfect solution
for viewing movies purchased from the new iTunes 7. Myvu comprises
lightweight eyewear with built-in video viewing and audio systems, an
ultra-thin battery pack for six hours of viewing time, and a small
pendant that offers easy access to all controls. These features
combine to offer an unsurpassed experience in portable video watching
for iPod customers.

“Myvu puts the video iPod’s bright, crisp viewing experience right in
front of your eyes,” said Kip Kokinakis, president and CEO of
MicroOptical. “By simply connecting the small, ultra-light eyewear to
your video iPod, users can watch their favorite TV shows, music
videos, video podcasts and movies anytime, anywhere. And because you
can still see around myvu while viewing videos, it’s ideal for people

The myvu personal media viewer resembles a pair of dark sunglasses,
offering a viewing experience comparable to a 27-inch screen from six
feet away. Inside the front of the unit is MicroOptical’s patented
display system, which the company adapted from hardware it developed
for the military to allow tank drivers and others to simultaneously
view both information and surroundings. Unlike an immersive headset
system that blocks the user from seeing anything but the screen and,
therefore, significantly limits its usefulness, myvu offers users
“situational awareness.” Through the use of a thin optical bridge,
users can see over and under the screen while continuing to be aware
of their surroundings.

The myvu personal media viewer comes complete with all the components
needed for a private, large video viewing experience with built-in
stereo audio, including:

* Elegantly designed, ultra-slim lithium battery inside a hard,
protective iPod case that provides six hours or three full-length
movies of viewing time;

* Noise-reducing earbuds;

* Pendant with video controls;

* A premium travel case with room for the iPod;

* Two power/charging options: AC and car adapters;

* Two extra earbud and nose pads, each in two different sizes; and

* A user’s guide.


myvu Made for iPod will be available in late fall 2006. Orders can be
placed online at (

About the MicroOptical Corporation

The MicroOptical Corporation is a privately held company based in
Westwood, Mass. Its mission is to be the leading developer and
manufacturer of innovative eyewear displays that connect to personal,
military, industrial and medical electronic devices, ranging from
cell phones and media players to patient monitoring equipment and
thermal weapon sights. With its patented, proprietary technology and
a strategic alliance with Essilor International, the world leader in
ophthalmic optical products, MicroOptical is at the forefront of the
electronics and wearable display industries. MicroOptical’s video
viewers, which represent an ergonomic breakthrough over conventional
head-mounted displays, have received widespread industry recognition.
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