Sept. 18, 2006 — P.I. Engineering ( and Script
Software ( announced today the first release
of iKey for X-Keys and X-Keys hardware for Mac OS X.

iKey software automates repetitive tasks on Mac OS X. X-Keys USB
hardware triggers macros with the touch of a clearly labeled button.
Now, for Mac OS X, a special version of iKey is included free with
the purchase of any X-Keys USB hardware. Download it here:

Together iKey and X-Keys offer greater power, control and automation
for any Mac OS X program including Apple’s Final Cut Pro, iTunes,
Garage Band and Aperture, and Adobe’s PhotoShop, Illustrator,
InDesign, Flash, ColdFusion and LightRoom.

Any software can benefit from this hardware/software automation
combination. Especially useful for designers, editors, musicians,
podcasters, writers, programmers, scientists, researchers, teachers,
and students.

The iKey utility eliminates repetitive actions by allowing the user
to create shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions.
Each of these can be launched by key combinations, menu, timer, event
or an X-Keys key, foot pedal, button, or switch.

This easy to use macro/automation utility saves time, typing, and
hundreds of clicks everyday. Avoid carpal tunnel, get more
accomplished and have fun with iKey. An excellent manual written by
Adam Engst is also included.

iKey makes it easy to launch applications, type text, open folders,
enter dates, do system tasks, perform actions in the finder, move
windows, mount servers, command dialogs, use the clipboard and much
more. Combine these actions into sequences that can perform anything
in any application or the Finder, then launch them via X-keys, a
hotkey combination, menu item, timer, or button on a palette.

X-Keys USB Programmable Devices

X-Keys USB connected programmable devices add keys, switches, pedals
or buttons for use with photo, film and video editing. Also useful
for InDesign and Quark users. Designers, editors, disabled and others
can benefit by more and better automation of input devices. More
information and pictures of other X-Keys are here:

X-Keys Pro and a few other X-Key Programmable USB devices that can
now be used on Mac OS X


Now do less and accomplish more with iKey and X-Keys for Mac OS X.


Script Software has been making essential software for the Macintosh
and Windows since 1987. They are the creators of the award winning
CopyPaste, iClock, iKey, iWatermark, KnowledgeMiner, iBeenFramed,
Project Timer Pro, ID Tunes, iSay, Easy Card, iStar Karaoke, iStar
Composer and ChatFX

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P.I. Engineering has been designing, manufacturing, and selling
hardware for computers since 1993, beginning with the Y-mouse Dual
Serial Mouse Adapter. Other P.I. Engineering products include the
Y-mouse PS/2 to USB Keyboard and Mouse Adapter, X-keys Custom Control
Hardware, RailDriver Train Control Hardware, and TrainMaster
Professional Training Software.

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