Skype Introduces Video Calling for Macintosh=20
Users Cross Platform Support lets Mac and Windows=20
Users see each other with free video calls

LUXEMBOURG, September 13, 2006 – Skype, the=20
global Internet communications company, has=20
released the beta version of its popular=20
communications software, Skype for Mac 2.0, which=20
gives any Mac user with an Internet connection=20
the ability to make free video calls to anyone=20
else on Skype regardless of whether they use the=20
Windows or Mac platform. Skype’s new cross=20
platform support allows its extensive=20
international community of more than 113 million=20
users to make free video calls to people across=20
the globe using both Windows and Macintosh=20

Mac users can now enjoy one-on-one video calls,=20
viewed within the Skype window or on the full=20
computer screen. Skype video for Mac also=20
includes a small window for users to view how=20
they appear to the person they are calling.=20
Connecting seamlessly across Windows and Mac=20
operating systems, Skype for Mac with video=20
offers users free, high-quality video calling=20
regardless of platform. This means that, for the=20
first time ever, Mac users can connect with and=20
view friends, family and colleagues using Windows=20
without downloading any additional software.

“Skype’s goal is to make Internet calling=20
streamlined and simple for everyone by providing=20
innovative features and an intuitive design,”=20
said Stefan =D6berg, director of product management=20
for Skype. “Our community is made up of both Mac=20
and Windows users. We couldn’t be more excited to=20
bring these two groups together, literally=20

With Skype for Mac 2.0 users enjoy completely=20
free calls to other Skype users, no matter where=20
they are. Calls to traditional and mobile phones=20
can be made at extremely low rates.

With Skype for Mac, students can stay connected=20
with their parents while they are away at school=20
or studying abroad; grandparents can watch their=20
grandchildren grow before their eyes with easy to=20
use video calling and business travelers can keep=20
in touch with colleagues and save on calls home=20
while away.

In order to make video calls Skype for Mac OS X=20
2.0 requires a Macintosh computer with Mac OS X=20
v10.3.9 Panther or newer, a G4, G5, or Intel=20
processor running at a minimum of 800 MHz, 512 MB=20
RAM, 40 MB free disk space, and an Internet=20
connection. In addition to the release of Skype=20
for Mac OS X 2.0, Skype announced today the=20
release of Skype for Mac OS X 1.5 Gold.

About Skype
Skype is the world’s fastest-growing Internet=20
communication offering, allowing unlimited free=20
voice and video communication between Skype=20
users. Skype is available in 27 languages and is=20
used in almost every country around the world.=20
Skype generates revenue through its premium=20
offerings such as making and receiving calls to=20
and from landline and mobile phones, voicemail,=20
call forwarding and personalization including=20
ringtones and avatars. Skype also has=20
relationships with a growing network of hardware=20
and software providers. Skype is an eBay company=20
(NASDAQ: EBAY). To learn more visit=20

Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary=20
telephone and cannot be used for emergency=20