SANTA ROSA, CA – September 12, 2006 – Micromat, Inc., developer of
Macintosh disk repair and maintenance technology, today announced the
release of updates for both TechTool Protege (a bootable FireWire
flash drive that contains both TechTool Pro 4 and DiskStudio) and
DiskStudio (a disk partitioning utility). These updates provide
Universal Binary support for both products so that they can be used
on either Intel or PowerPC-based Macs. All of the features that were
previously available for PowerPC-based Macs will now be available for
Intel-based Macs as well.

Unlike most application software, utilities require more than a
simple re-compile of the program to support the Intel-based Macs.
Because utilities work with the computer hardware at the lowest
levels, it was necessary for Micromat to completely re-engineer the
software from the ground up. In order to support the new models, Mac
OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is required to run the programs.

TechTool Protege is a compact, bootable diagnostic and repair tool.
It contains the full-featured Macintosh troubleshooting program
TechTool Pro, Micromat’s disk partitioning program DiskStudio, as
well as several other utilities on a compact, one gigabyte FireWire
flash drive. Its tiny size makes it easy to carry at all times so
that a user can test and repair Macintosh computers whenever the need
should arise. TechTool Protege is able to:

* Diagnose Macintosh hardware

* Diagnose and repair hard drive problems

* Optimize and defragment hard drive volumes

* Rebuild volume directories

* Recover data from damaged volumes

* Repartition hard drives without losing data

* And other diagnostic functions

To provide Intel support for TechTool Protege, Micromat designed a
new utility called Protege Manager. This utility allows the user to
easily set up the TechTool Protege flash drive for use on either a
PowerPC or Intel-based Mac as desired. Protege Manager will ship on a

DiskStudio allows a user to change the partitioning of a hard drive
on the fly. Reinitializing the drive is not required. In addition to
Universal Binary support, the updated version of DiskStudio adds
support for the new GUID partitioning scheme for Intel Macs and also
support for the Master Boot Record partitioning scheme for DOS. It
now includes the ability to identify NTFS volumes as well.

DiskStudio Features:

* Add new partitions to a hard disk without the need to reformat.

* Delete partitions previously created by DiskStudio or Apple’s Disk Utility.

* Erase and reformat existing partitions in a number of standard formats.

* Completely erase and repartition an entire hard disk.

DiskStudio ships on media capable of booting both PowerPC and
Intel-based Macs. Since the system components needed to boot both
platforms are too large to fit on a CD, the program will ship on a
DVD. The DVD will automatically boot the correct system version
needed for the host computer. A DVD update will be available to
current owners of DiskStudio for $25.

Price and Availability
TechTool Protege and DiskStudio can be ordered through select dealers
and resellers worldwide or directly from Micromat, Inc. The retail
price for TechTool Protege is $229. DiskStudio is $49. Current owners
of TechTool Protege may purchase the TechTool Protege CD Update from
Micromat for $25. Current owners of DiskStudio may purchase a DVD
upgrade for the same price

About Micromat, Inc.
Micromat pioneered the Macintosh diagnostic software market in 1990
by introducing the very first commercially available diagnostic
program, MacEKG. Since then, Micromat has helped millions of
Macintosh users repair their computers, retrieve their lost data, and
keep their systems running their best.

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