ATASCADERO, California– September 13, 2006 – iFixit, the Mac
do-it-yourself company, has announced its entrance into the iPod
industry with a complete line of free iPod Fixit Guides and over 100
iPod parts.

iFixit now sells parts for every iPod that Apple has shipped– from
the 1st Gen iPod to the iPod Video, and even the iPod Shuffle. iFixit
sells logic boards, hard drives, case replacements, batteries, and

The iPod Fixit Guide series is immediately available for free online
at Each Guide walks you through the process of
getting inside and replacing any part in your iPod.

“We’re making iPod repair available to the masses– our Guides are
going to significantly change how people use iPods. Instead of
chucking your iPod when it breaks, you’ll be able to buy inexpensive
parts to fix it from us, and use our free Guides to repair it
yourself,” said Kyle Wiens, iFixit’s CEO. “We are completely focused
on helping our customers keep their devices running longer. ”

Fixit Guides are available for these iPods:

* iPod 1st Generation (Click Wheel)

* iPod 2nd Generation (Touch Wheel)

* iPod 3rd Generation

* iPod 4th Generation / iPod Photo

* iPod Video (5th Generation)

* iPod Mini

* iPod Shuffle

* iPod Nano

Parts are also immediately available for each iPod model. iPod parts
in stock now include logic boards, LCDs, case components, headphone
jacks, batteries, and more.

All Guides are available free online at

About iFixit:

iFixit is the Mac+iPod do-it-yourself company. iFixit launched in
2003 and instantly became the leader in the Mac laptop part industry,
and introduced iPod parts in 2006. iFixit is dedicated to helping
people everywhere keep their Macs and iPods running longer. For more
information, visit: or call 1-866-61-FIXIT.