Tuesday, January 20, 2004:

Xupport 2.0 public beta 8:
All-In-One Interface for Mac OS X.

Changes in Xupport 2.0b8:
– Some orthographic corrections
– Additional dialogs and information
– Indication of actual process in output window
– Optimized source code and applescripts
– Other minor corrections and bug-fixes

Xupport 2.0b8: http://www.computer-support.ch/Xupport/download/Xupport2.sit

Xupport provides a clean GUI (Graphical User Interface) to configure many
Mac OS X options, that are not or hard to configure manually, and more. It
includes several unix command to optimize and secure your Mac, and
activates features that are disabled by default.

Xupport Features:
– Hidden Finder, Dock and Expos=E9 settings
– Browse and read unix manual entries
– Browser, delete and get Finder info for invisible files and folders
– Run Mac OS X maintain scripts and optimization
– Change swap file location
– Create bootable backups
– Configure ipfw firewall using all options
– Enable ipfw.log as default firewall log
– Empty Trashes with administrator privileges
– Find and delete all ‘.DS_Store’ files
– Enable guest access and access log of Personal File Sharing
– Change access port of Personal File Sharing, Web Sharing, ssh
– Clear Launch Service caches (“Rebuild Desktop” in OS 9)
– Enable/Disable disk journaling
– Set disk spindown time (AC and battery power)
– Optimize network settings for broadband connection
– Request new IP from a DHCP server
– Repair disk permissions
=2E.. many more features

Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (AppleScript and BSD installed)

Downloads: http://www.computer-support.ch/Xupport/download.html
Homepage: http://www.computer-support.ch/Xupport
Xupport-Logo: http://www.computer-support.ch/Xupport.gif (~.jpg,