Total Commander for Mac v.2.3.5

Need Total Commander equivalent for Mac OS X? Try new Disk Order with
stability updates.

LikeMac Group has just released Disk Order 2.3.5, making the latest update
of the double-panel file management utility more stable and thus useful for

Disk Order 2.3.5 has been fixed of bugs of previous versions. Now it
doesn’t contain one of the most frustrating bug which didn’t allow to start
Disk Order with the message ‘Can’t create configuration file’.

Another bug that has been taken out is a ‘Data Write Error’ message that
appeared during file copying on Intel-based macs. Also due to this bug Disk
Order used to currupt files during transfers. Now this behavior is in the
past and everything works fine.
File copying has been fixed even more. Now, while copying large directories
with many symbolic links there’s no errors and size calculation is correct.

FTP has been patched too. There’s no more space-prefixed files/folders that
appeared on some FTP sites, actually making impossible to do anythig with
them and often disallow even to change directory.

Along with bug fixes the new version has been updated with Multi-Rename
Tool, a feature for batch renaming files, allowing to easily change file
names adding to them modification dates, times, counters etc. Multi-Rename
Tool has been one of the most demanded functions in Disk Order and now it
is implemented to be one of the most advanced and easy-to-use addition.

Disk Order was designed to be a decent substitution of Finder, that could
offer users time-saving double-panel interface and ultimate file management
at the same time. It suits best for those who used to work on other
platforms with applications like Total Commander or Directory Opus. Also,
it’s a great choice for portables owners as it allows to perform nearly all
file operations with fast key combinations, saving time and omitting
frustration from using track-pad in Finder.

The application is available in two versions, PowerPC and Universal Binary.
The first one is to be used in PowerPC mac and can be downloaded at, and the second one is for
Intel-based Macs and can be found at Both versions can be
downloaded free of charge as 30-day trial shareware.

About LikeMac Group

Founded in 2003, LikeMac Group is an independent developer of system
enhancement solutions for Mac OS X.

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