Westciv releases Style Master 4.5 for Mac OS X and Windows

Bondi Beach Australia July 6 2006


When CSS Editor Style Master was first released in 1998, Cascading Style
Sheets were barely a blip on the web development radar. There was no such
thing as a standards based browser, table based designs and the “font tag”
were state of the art in web development, while accessibility was something
barely heard of.

Eight years on, CSS has been embraced by the masses, with even “hobbyist”
web developers whipping up style sheets for their blogs and wedding
websites, while the biggest sites in business and government have also
embraced CSS as the way to style the web. All the while, Style Master, the
longest standing, leading cross platform CSS editor has stayed the course
with developers, and with CSS.

Now westciv announces the release of Style Master 4.5, the CSS editing tool
for professionals, students and dabblers alike.

This latest version builds upon our unique design features like “X- Ray”,
innovative online document previewing (you can actually use online
documents to preview your CSS while you work on it), WYSIWYG editing, and
hand coding power tools, with a new set of debugging tools, to help you
quickly spot invalid CSS, work out exactly which CSS is styling what parts
of your page, and even determine which parts of your CSS aren’t used


With this full set of tools to design, code and debug your CSS and HTML
based design, professionally designed templates, tools for styling major
blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and MoveableType, it’s easy
to see why many thousands of users prefer Style Master to much more
expensive big name tools when it comes to styling their sites.

At westciv, we love CSS, have always believed in its promise, and are proud
and excited to see style sheets become the new state of the art in web
That’s what drives us to continue making Style Master an even better tool
for developing CSS.

But users don’t have to take our word for it. Style Master comes with a
full, 30 day demo version, which continues as a “lite” version once the
demo period is up.


Style Master costs just $59.99, half price for students and teachers at $29.99

There are generous volume licensing prices, and for educational
institutions we have lab licenses for $19.99 per seat for 10 or more seats.