QuantumSphere (http://www.qsinano.com/), a developer of advanced
catalyst materials, electrode devices, and related technologies and
systems for portable power and clean-energy applications, has
announced that it’s filed a key patent for technology it has
developed that extends the capacity of rechargeable lithium ion
batteries up to five times. Next-generation batteries featuring this
technology could dramatically improve the operating life of portable
consumer electronics, hybrid-electric vehicle range, and a wide
variety of energy storage applications.

This news follows a previous QuantumSphere battery announcement
highlighting the development of a high-rate, paper-thin, nano-enabled
electrode for disposable batteries. This earlier breakthrough patent
pending air-electrode design increased power output by 320 percent in
zinc-air cells, providing roughly four times more power than
equivalent sized alkaline batteries, and is expected to be
commercialized in 2009, says Kevin Maloney, president and CEO of

The recent patent filing covers a novel electrode structure enriched
with nano lithium particles that increases the fuel source in a
rechargeable lithium ion battery, thus increasing battery life, he
adds. QuantumSphere intends to commercialize the technology to
improve next-generation batteries for energy storage, consumer, and
transportation applications.