Harvest has released a new time tracking app, Harvest for Mac. It’s supported by a reporting and invoicing web app, and incorporates such features as hot keys and “idle time detection.”

A free download of Harvest for Mac is available for users who have a Harvest account at http://www.getharvest.com/mac. For those who don’t have a Harvest account, a 30-day, free trial is available.
“What we have been able to successfully accomplish with Harvest for iPhone, and many of our integrations, we’re now bringing home to the desktop,” says Danny Wen, Harvest’s co-founder. “Our web-app allows users to run reports on their time, but the emphasis of the Mac app is speed of time entry – we’ve made it as simple and fast as possible to enter time — effectively removing the most painful part out of time tracking.”
Harvest’s new Mac client is lightweight, sits on the menubar, so users know how long they have been tracking, and reports on time as people work rather than making users  try to tabulate hours, with potential inaccuracies, at the end of the week, he says. In addition, Harvest for Mac knows when users have left their timer running, and let’s them remove the idle minutes.