Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition: The Intel-Compatible
Security Suite for Mac OS X

Austin, TX, June 6, 2006 — Intego, the Macintosh security specialist,
today announced the release of Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam
Edition. This comprehensive security suite provides thorough protection
from the dangers of the Internet, protecting Mac users from hackers and
viruses, and offering powerful spam and phishing protection.

Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition is also a native
Intel-compatible security suite for Mac OS X Tiger. All three of its
applications–NetBarrier X4, VirusBarrier X4 and Personal Antispam X4–are
fully compatible with both PowerPC and Intel processors, running native on
Apple’s new Intel-based Macs. In addition, this suite, with a value of
nearly $190 if the programs are purchased individually, is sold for the
unbeatable price of $89.95.

“We want to continue to offer our customers a choice of packages that meet
their specific security needs,” said Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego. “This
version of Internet Security Barrier protects against the three major
dangers of the Internet: hackers, viruses and spam.”

Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition includes many new features
that take advantage of Apple’s latest innovations: Intego widgets, for
monitoring and updates; optimizations for Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger, for faster
operations; and improved user interfaces. Intego’s NetUpdate program, also
included, provides automatic updates to the applications contained in the
package, program filters and virus definitions. Internet Security Barrier
X4 Antispam Edition also now uses a single serial number and installer for
all three programs, making installation quick and easy.

Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition provides three key Intego
programs in a single package at an unbeatable price. Selling for only
$89.95, this security suite is available for less than 50% of the cost of
purchasing the individual programs.

Intego programs included in Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition:

NetBarrier X4
NetBarrier X4 is a comprehensive solution for complete personal Internet
security. It includes: comprehensive anti-hacker safeguards; both default
and customizable security options; stop lists; trusted groups; and detailed
logs and alerts. It also includes several network management functions,
including detailed network port monitoring and a whois function, blocks ad
banners on web pages, finds available AirPort or WiFi networks, and much

VirusBarrier X4
VirusBarrier X4 protects against all known viruses on the Mac, as well as
Word and Excel macro viruses. It offers thorough protection against viruses
of all types coming from infected files or applications, whether on CDs or
DVDs, removable media, or files downloaded from the Internet or other
networks. VirusBarrier X4 protects Macs from all recent security threats,
such as the Leap.A Trojan horse and others.

Personal Antispam X4
Intego Personal Antispam X4 is the first intelligent program for fighting
spam and phishing e-mails. Intego Personal Antispam X4 learns from the
e-mail users receive, and regular monthly updates to the program help keep
their inbox as spam-free as possible. The program filters spam and phishing
e-mails, protecting users from spam and scams.

Intego Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition is available now from Intego
via the company’s website,, as well as from Macintosh
software resellers. The Upgrade version is only available from Macintosh
software resellers. Personal Antispam X4 is available as a standalone
product only from the Intego website.

Pricing (excluding shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax):

Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition United States – $ 89.9
Europe – =A4 83.00
United Kingdom – =A3 69.37

Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition Upgrade United States – $ 49.9=
Europe – =A4 54.95
United Kingdom – =A3 37.90

Customers who recently purchased Internet Security Barrier X3 Antispam
Edition are eligible for free upgrades according to the following upgrade

Customers who purchased on or after April 20, 2006 are eligible for a free
upgrade upon request through September 7, 2006. Online customers need to
provide their order number, and retail customers must provide proof of
purchase. Requests should be sent to or

Customers who are not eligible for free upgrades include those who
purchased before April 20, 2006, customers with licenses for OEM software
that was bundled with a hard drive, an Apple CPU, or with other special
software and service offers.

About Intego
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