ChatFX, NetCheck, MountWatcher and iClock Updates

June 6, 2006 — Script Software ( announced today
MountWatcher and major updates to NetCheck, ChatFX, and iClock

All software can be downloaded from:

MountWatcher – Automatically mount volumes/disks/shares at work and at home.

MountWatcher is a Mac OS X application used to organize, automate and
monitor the mounting of Windows (SMB) and Apple (AFP) volumes/shares/
disks. Laptops can use MountWatcher to automatically mount volumes at work
and at home. MountWatcher can also be used to wake computers that are
sleeping on an ethernet LAN. It watches and makes sure that they stay
mounted even if the network status changes. Very useful for anyone who is
constantly mounting drives at home and work. Runs natively on PPC and Intel

NetCheck – Global Network Device/Application Monitoring for Network Admins
on Mac OS X

NetCheck can identify and solve problems on your network before your users do.

– 1.3.3 fixes and endian issue with Intel Macs.

The main focus of this application is uptime monitoring of critical devices
and applications, along with the features which provide this — email
alerts, logging, and reporting. NetCheck not only provides immediate
customized alerts, but also provides historical outage information. Admins
need this outage history to improve quality service issues. NetCheck’s
logging and reporting identifies problems and work issues that otherwise
would go unnoticed. Network managers will save themselves and their
organization time, money and headaches if they take a moment to test out
this inexpensive but powerful application. This application was designed by
a network vetran and written natively in Cocoa/Xcode which runs native on
PPC and Intel Macs. NetCheck is an essential admin tool to do less and
accomplish more.

ChatFX – Adds Bluescreen, Virtual Sets and Myriad other Special Video
Effects to iChat Video Conferencing*.

ChatFX is the first software designed especially for the Intel Macs by
Apple Computer with their built-in cameras. It will give you a good laugh
but it is also the future of video conferencing.

– 1.13 now can show the desktop in iChat or mix video of individual and
desktop, fixes an endian issue with dv cams.

ChatFX brings outstanding visual effects to iChat video conferencing.
Change the entire landscape of your room or office to mars, the moon, a
forest, underwater, or any location real or fantasy. Create virtual sets
like those on TV news and weather reports. Effects like bluescreen (which
is capable of showing any movie, tv, video, animation in the background of
a video chat), twirl, comic book, alien, interrogation, pencil, vortex,
dent, bump, bodyart, facepaint, fisheye, gloom, mercury, on fire, ogre,
sepia, sorbel, xray, thermal, are included and an infinite number of
additional special video effects that anyone can be created by anyone using
Quartz Composer*. Runs natively on PPC and Intel Macs.

iClock – The Most Popular Time Tool on Mac OS X shows date/time in menubar
with dropdown of cities/timezone, to do list, alarms and more…

– 3.0.4b4 interface simplifed and improved thanks to recommendations from
Apple, many other changes.

Replace the antiquated/limited Mac menubar clock with iClock . iClock is a
centrally located time hub that controls many time related functions. See
the time and date simultaneously in any format or color. Click to see a
drop down menu of the current time/date in any city in the world or option
click to see your updated portfolio of stocks. Use the lightning quick
calendar, stop watch, calculator and timers (that can be set with one
click). Never miss another appointment. Jot down notes in the new iClock To
Do list. Application menu and more… Widgets are limited to the widget
world, iClock is available everywhere because its an application. iClock is
an essential utility for all users of Mac OS X. Runs natively on PPC and
Intel Macs.


Script Software has released MountWatcher and updates to NetCheck, ChatFX
and iClock.


Script Software is a designer and producer of incredibly useful but fun
software. Script Software has been making essential software for the
Macintosh and Windows since 1987. They are the creators of the award
winning CopyPaste, iClock, iKey, iWatermark, KnowledgeMiner, iBeenFramed,
Project Timer Pro, ID Tunes, iSay, Easy Card, iStar Karaoke, iStar Composer
and now ChatFX. The company is rapidly growing and employs a global team of
programmers, experienced technical and business professionals.

For more information on Script Software, review copies or to interview the
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