For immediate release

Berlin, Germany – April 9th, 2003

metaobject announces the immediate availability of version 4.1 of the
popular PDF compression tool for Mac OS X.

Version 4.1 features built-in integration with the PDF Services feature
available since Mac OS X 10.2.4. PDF Services allow files to be compressed
via PdfCompress in a one-step process, directly from the print panel and
any application. PdfCompress 4.1 installs PDF Services via an simple menu
command, and makes generating optimized PDF files easier than ever, and
shows to metaobject’s commitment to maintaining ease-of-use leadership.

PdfCompress has received rave reviews from users and a 4.7 star rating (of
5 possible) from pdfworker, better than any other PDF compression utility.
PdfCompress still costs just US $25 per copy to license, and version 4.1 is
a free upgrade for existing users of previous versions.

PdfCompress is a fully native Cocoa application, not just a Cocoa wrapper
around legacy libraries.

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Marcel Weiher
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Located in view of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, metaobject creates publishing
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The PressObjects toolbox, which includes Postscript and PDF interpreters as
well as a wide variety of user-extensible processing tools, is the basis
for tools such as PdfCompress or the TextLightning PDF to RTF text
extractor. The MetaAd(tm) content adaptation system captures and models
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