Nektony has launched Getting Ready for Yosemite (, a free step-by-step guide designed to help users migrate to Mac OS X Yosemite.

In addition, the company highlights Boost & Memory, Disk Expert & ClearDisk, three of its disk utilities that serve to aid Mac users prior to installing Yosemite for OS X.

Boost & Memory is used to check the current memory usage and releases the inactive RAM. It forces the system to recover wasted memory and make it available to processes that need it. Boost & Memory allows clearing inactive RAM using automatic or manual modes.

Disk Expert helps to perform an inventory of disk space and get rid from useless and bulky content. It scans any supported drive and generates a chart representing the file system. During installation, many people are faced with the lack of hard drive space for installation. Disk Expert scans hard disk volumes, CD and DVD disks, Flash drives, external storage disks, and even mounted DMG volumes.

ClearDisk is used for immediate cleaning a Mac hard drive of unnecessary files. It scans the file categories that usually clutter up a Mac hard drive with unnecessary data, such as Language Resources, Downloads, Caches, Trash and Temporary Files.