Protects Children from the Dark Side of the Internet

Austin, TX, June 6, 2006 — Intego, the Macintosh security specialist,
today announced the release of ContentBarrier X4, the company’s acclaimed
parental control software for Mac OS X. This program sets up a protective
wall around a Mac, blocking adult web sites, sites with subjects not fit
for children, and even blocks chats when predatory language is used. Its
predefined categories let parents choose what they don’t want their
children to see, as well as create their own custom categories.

ContentBarrier X4 works with multiple users; for families with several
children, parents can set different profiles, corresponding to their age or
maturity. They can choose whether children have access to newsgroups,
peer-to-peer software, e-mail, chats and the web. They can set schedules,
so children can only use the Internet at certain times, and on specific
days, and even set time limits within those periods. In addition,
ContentBarrier X4 blocks predatory language used in chat rooms, and can
send parents e-mail, automatically, when certain events occur.

“Children must be able to access all the richness of the Internet,” says
Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego, “but they also need to be protected from
offensive content. ContentBarrier X4 helps parents make sure their kids can
surf in peace.”

Like all of Intego’s X4 programs, ContentBarrier X4 is fully compatible
with both PowerPC and Intel processors, running native on Apple’s new
Intel-based Macs. ContentBarrier X4 also includes Intego widgets and
Intego’s NetUpdate program. Intego widgets provide information on which
programs are running and whether updates are available, and Intego’s
NetUpdate program provides automatic updates to ContentBarrier X4 and its

ContentBarrier X4 is available now from Intego via the Intego website,, as well as from Macintosh software resellers.

Pricing (excluding shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax):

ContentBarrier X4
United States – $ 59.95
Europe – =A4 49.95
United Kingdom – =A3 34.20

ContentBarrier X4 Upgrade
United States – $ 34.95
Europe – =A4 29.9
United Kingdom – =A3 20.50

Customers who recently purchased ContentBarrier X are eligible for free
upgrades according to the following upgrade policy:

Customers who purchased on or after April 20, 2006 are eligible for a free
upgrade upon request through September 7, 2006. Online customers need to
provide their order number, and retail customers must provide proof of
purchase. Requests should be sent to or

Customers who are not eligible for free upgrades include those who
purchased before April 20, 2006, customers with licenses for OEM software
that was bundled with a hard drive, an Apple CPU, or with other special
software and service offers.

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