MacTech Announces
– Presenting the industry’s Mac relevant open source projects
– Mac Filters, Searching, and Navigation the key

January 6, 2006 — WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA — MacTech today released the
public beta of MacForge(tm). was created for not only the
experienced open source user, but to introduce Mac technical folks to the
wonderful array of Mac compatible open source projects available.

With the huge availability of open source out there, it can be difficult to
find projects most relevant to the Mac. MacForge seeks out open source
projects that either have already been tested on the Mac, or are likely to
run on the Mac, without major porting work.

“MacForge was created out of necessity. When looking for open source
solutions ourselves, there was too much to sift through to find those
solutions that would work on the Mac. MacTech started looking for a
solution that would not only serve MacTech’s needs, but those of the
community,” said Neil Ticktin, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine.
“Ultimately, we turned to MacVerse to implement the concept, and today, the
community has as a result.”

The site also features the ability to filter projects further, search,
browse categories, and sort in a variety of different ways.

The site is a public beta and evolving — so users are encouraged to
communicate with the magazine on what it would like to see in the future.
letters at is a good place to let the magazine know what you

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