Skype Releases Skype 1.4
— Internet Calling for Macintosh Gets Even Better

Latest version for users of Mac OS X adds call forwarding and call
auto-answer, and works with latest Skype compatible USB phone handsets

LUXEMBOURG, Jan. 6, 2006–Skype, the global Internet communications
company, today released Skype 1.4 for Mac OS X, which adds numerous
enhancements to the free software that allows anyone with an Internet
connection to make free calls, stay in touch, and express themselves online.

With Skype 1.4, Mac users can now take advantage of call forwarding and
call auto-answer, providing even more flexibility to when, where and how to
make and receive Internet calls. The new Skype software can automatically
pause iTunes when a Skype call is answered and, for the first time, the Mac
OS X version is available in Japanese.

“We want to make talking over the Internet the most natural, simple thing
for people all over the world to do — no matter which computer they use,”
said Niklas Zennstr=F6m, Skype CEO and co-founder. “The new features give Ma=
users improved ways to communicate and stay in touch with friends, family
and colleagues, wherever they may be. We are also delighted to note that
Skype was recently recognized with a 2005 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award.”

New features in Skype 1.4 for Mac OS X include:

* Call forwarding — have your Skype calls follow you wherever you are.

* Fast call set-up — simply drag and drop contacts to add them to chats
and calls.

* Self-expression — broadcast your mood along with your online presence.
Let your contacts know whether you’re happy, sad, listening to your
favorite music, available to talk or do not want to be disturbed.

* Call auto-answer and pause — Skype temporarily pauses iTunes for
in-bound and out-bound voice calls, and then resumes iTunes once the call
is completed.

* Notifications — Skype can provide notification of new messages and when
users come on- and off-line, along with an overview of available Skype
services. In addition, enhanced on-screen or even spoken notifications are
now available via the optional Growl notification system

Recent announcements by Skype’s hardware partners including IPEVO
( and Cyberphone-K ( mean
that Skype can be used with new Skype compatible USB cordless handsets and
USB speakerphones.

Skype for Mac OS X System Requirements

Skype for Mac OS X 1.4 requires a Macintosh computer with Mac OS X v10.3 or
newer, a G3, G4, or G5 processor running at a minimum of 400 MHz, 128 MB
RAM, 20 MB free disk space, and an Internet connection. Skype for Mac OS X
can be used with the built-in speakers and microphone found on many
Macintosh models such as the iMac, and can take advantage of add-on
speakers, microphones and the Apple iSight camera. A Mac OS X Skype Widget,
also available, can dial calls, look up country codes, and check calling

About Skype

Skype is the world’s fastest-growing service for Internet communication,
allowing people everywhere to make unlimited voice calls for free. Skype is
available in 27 languages and is used in almost every country around the
world. Skype generates revenue through its premium service offerings such
as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, as
well as voicemail and call forwarding services. Skype also has a growing
network of hardware and software partners. Skype is an eBay company
(NASDAQ: EBAY). To learn more visit (