FunKeys X for Macintosh OS X Released

BOSTON, MA – Nov. 24, 2003 — Rampell Software, LLC has released FunKeys X
for Macintosh, the first OS X version of its popular keyboard shortcut tool.
FunKeys X, like its Macintosh Classic cousin, allows users to easily
configure any key on their keyboard to do just about anything.

FunKeys is designed for novices and expert computer users alike. With
FunKeys, you can assign keyboard-shortcuts to do anything—check your mail
by pressing F1, open by pressing F2, or type your signature by
pressing Control-S. Any keystroke (or combination of keystrokes) can be
easily configured to open websites, type text, open applications and files,
run AppleScripts and even perform preset commands like controlling iTunes.
FunKeys can save the typical computer user hours of time per month by
providing lightning-fast access to common files, applications, and text.

FunKeys X is also highly configurable, and can be easily set to only
recognize shortcuts in certain applications, so it won’t interfere with any

FunKeys X requires Mac OS 10.1.5 or higher. It comes with a free 5-day
trial, and can be purchased for $19.99 directly from the Rampell Software

Rampell Software, LLC is located in Palm Beach, FL, and develops
productivity software—software that automates repetitive tasks and fixes
annoying problems present in computer use. Featured in numerous
publications, including Forbes, BusinessWeek, and the New York Times,
Rampell Software has tens of thousands of loyal users in over 40 countries.
For additional information on Rampell Software or its products, please visit or call +1 617-492-3673.