QuickerTek Transceiver/Buffalo PCI Card Bundle for Apple Desktop Computers
Packs Long Distance Wireless Power

WICHITA, Kan. –11/17/05– QuickerTek has extended its long distance
wireless network products with this bundle – ideal for Apple Power Mac
users without built-in AirPort capability. These users can use the Buffalo
54g PCI Card and the QuickerTek 27dBm Transceiver for maximum wireless
performance. This bundle is aggressively priced at $239.95 – a savings of

The QuickerTek operates like a super antenna, pulling in signals that are
up to a mile away – and providing full speed connections. The Buffalo PCI
Card provides the means to connect the Transceiver to PCI Power Macs
without AirPort capability. The QuickerTek Transceiver can be powered from
the USB port or the AC power adapter supplied in the kit. The QuickerTek
Transceiver is shipped with a 2dBi omni-directional antenna. You can use a
higher gain or a directional antenna if needed.

The QuickerTek Transceiver requires no software to operate and produces
500milliwatts of RF transmitter power amplifying the incoming WiFi signal
and sending it to the Buffalo card. So you get greater signal strength for
both sides of the WiFi signal thus increasing speed and range. The Buffalo
card offers 802.11g speed, reliability, and Mac 9 and OSX compatibility
with all the Apple software. We have tested some third party wireless
interface cards that don’t work with common Mac apps (iTunes for example).
Any Apple Power Mac with a PCI slot can use the Bufffalo PCI card.

The Buffalo card can be used without the QuickerTek Transceiver, but at
this time it can’t be used with internal AirPort card, as the software
drivers have conflict and then the system crashes. The installation and use
of the Buffalo and QuickerTek Transceiver is easy and straightforward. The
card looks just like and AirPort or Extreme card in the wireless menu bar.
The Transceiver connects to the antenna port on the PCI Card.

You can expect to gain several bars or MacStumbler points when using this
QuickerTek Transceiver. Typical results from a stock Power Mac is normally
25 before and you can expect to see 50 or more when the Transceiver is in

Then QuickerTek Transceiver can be plugged and unplugged into the Buffalo
card anytime without powering down the PowerBook. The QuickerTek
Transceiver can be used without the Buffalo card and will connect to the
internal AirPort or AirPort Extreme cards.

The same QuickerTek Transceiver in this bundle can also be used on the
Power Mac G5, G4, Mac mini, AirPort Base Stations all (except the Express)
with the correct adaptor cables. The Buffalo card and QuickerTek
Transceiver with work with any access point/wireless router as long as it
is rated 802.11b/g. Popular vendors of this equipment include Netgear,
Linksys, and many others.

Like most QuickerTek products, the Transceiver in this bundle is backed
with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

QuickerTek has been a recognized leading innovator of antennas and RF
products for Apple desktop and portable computers and now is breaking into
the Windows PC world with laptop Transceivers. QuickerTek products can be
purchased online at www.quickertek.com.