New OTTool Version 1.2

OTTool now has support for Mac OS X, in addition to Classic Mac OS!

OTTool is a free utility which provides a synopsis of the IP and
AppleTalk configuration parameters within Apple Computer’s Open
Transport networking architecture. In addition, OTTool allows users
on IP networks to make Domain Name Server (DNS) queries, ping devices
using ICMP Pings, trace IP routes (UNIX traceroute), scan through
ranges of IP addresses asking for resolutions, and to query a DNS for
Mail Exchange and System Info. On Classic MacOS PowerPC machines, it
will also display the IP ARP cache. We would like to hear your suggestions
and comments regarding the software. Please send your feedback to

What changed in OTTool since version 1.1?

* made OTTool run natively on Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS 8.x and 9.x,
all from a single application
* added some minor user interface improvements

You can find the new OTTool on Neon Software’s ftp site: