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Theodore H.Smith of ElfData releases XML Editor 1.0 – A feature extensive,
user friendly, DTD validating, XML builder.

April 11, 2000, London – ElfData, data orientated developer for the
Macintosh platform, today announced XML Editor 1.0 for Macintosh. XML
Editor is a user friendly XML creator and DTD validator, giving you
meaningful messages in plain English that point to the cause of a problem
in your XML, if any.

XML Editor has extensive support for drag and drop; copy and paste;
contextual menus; user made element holders; and more, to make entry of XML
easy. XML Editor has integrated source and hierarchical edit modes. It uses
entities files, to display characters such as “ä”, onscreen, in their
native equivilent, allowing for direct entry of European and math symbols,
or user defined entities.

XML Editor has extensive find abilities, allowing for conditional finds on
any combination of empty elements, non-empty elements, CDATA, comments,
PIs, DOCTYPEs, etc.

The software is available today for download for $50 US as a release price.
2 weeks after the release (25 April), the price will raise to 70$ US.

XML Editor 1.0 was today posted to our website. XML Editor 1.0 can be
demo-tested for 16 days. Each day is only counted when you use it on that
day. You can register a copy at our online store to use the non-demo

XML Editor 1.0 is developed in REALbasic (, and uses the
commercial XML Engine core (

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