I.R.I.S. Introduces Readiris Pro 11: Latest Upgrade Results in Most
Powerful Optical Character Recognition Software for the Mac OS X Platform

Readiris Pro 11 and Readiris Pro 11 Corporate Edition Optimize Overall
Speed, Accuracy and Range of Capabilities

Delray Beach, FL, November 15, 2005 — I.R.I.S. Group, (Euronext: IRI), a
market leader in Automatic Document Recognition (ADR), Electronic Document
Management (EDM) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), announced today
the U.S. launch of Readiris Pro 11, the latest version of its flagship OCR
software for the Mac OS X platform, as well as its professional version,
Readiris Pro 11 Corporate Edition.

Readiris Pro 11 productively converts volumes of documents and images into
editable text in numerous applications. Used with flatbed scanners,
mutli-function “all-in-one” devices and digital cameras, this OCR software
is an intelligent document-to-knowledge tool with a graphical interface
that complements the recognized Macintosh look and feel. Readiris Pro 11
and Readiris Pro 11 Corporate Edition include unique features, such as
hand-printing recognition and indexing bar code scanning. Thanks to
continuous research and development combined with innovative technology,
I.R.I.S. software is now the leading OCR application on the Mac platform.

“The development of Readiris Pro 11 and its Corporate Edition, built
specifically for the Mac platform, underscores our company’s commitment to
provide users with a totally up-to-date OCR solution for the latest Mac OS
X releases,” said Jean-Marc Fontaine, Director of Sales & Operations in the
U.S. for I.R.I.S. “Readiris Pro 11 Corporate Edition is a true break
through product with its new batch mode processing and hot folder features,
a first on the Mac platform. In addition to being the fastest OCR product
on the market, Readiris is incredibly accurate, and offers the widest range
of capabilities and the largest number of recognized languages.”

New features and functionality of Readiris Pro 11 include:

* Bar Code Reading: define a “bar code zone” around any bar code printed on
a document and the data contained will be automatically re-typed;

* Unique Hand-printing Recognition Engine: I.R.I.S. ICR engine reads and
recognizes typewritten text, hand-printed capital letters, figures or

* Accurate Recognition of up to 118 Languages: based on 3 alphabets (Latin,
Greek and Cyrillic), including East- and West European languages, Baltic
and Cyrillic (Russian) languages, Greek and Turkish;

* Fully Configurable User Interface Redesigned in Mac OS X Style:
– Easily enable actions using one button to acquire a document and
another to launch recognition upon completion of settings;
– New Readiris setting bar now offers automatic functions to improve OCR,
indicate document language, enable or disable interactive learning, and
definition of output format;
– Thumbnail bar displays small color reproductions of documents for easy
– Automatically marks the text, table and graphic zones with color
frames. Offers page analysis function, information selection for
recognition and zone illustration determined by zone types and sorting

* Accurate Color Output Files: colored text, backgrounds and graphics are
fully reproduced with the look and feel of originals with high accuracy

In addition to the features above, Readiris Pro 11 Corporate Edition now
includes functionality unique to the needs of the corporate market, such as:

* Easy Separation of Batches into Several Documents: insert blank pages
between documents to separate, recognize and save them to different output

* Powerful Indexing Based on Bar Code Reading: separate documents by
placing blank pages followed by a page containing bar codes. More than 20
bar codes are automatically recognized (even the PDF 417 barcode) and the
embedded information is saved in an XML index;

* Efficient Batch OCR: batch OCR executes recognition on all pre-scanned
images in a specific folder while recognized documents receive a file name
corresponding to the image file;

* Productive Watched Folder: establish a “watched folder” to systematically
execute recognition on any image file dropped into it;

* Multipage OCR: scan documents containing a very high number of pages for
processing, recognition and retention in a unique output file.

System Requirements

Macintosh computer with a G3 processor or later;
Mac OS X version 10.3 and above (previous versions are not supported);
110 MB of free hard disk space.

Price and Availability
Readiris Pro 11 for Mac OS X is available through distribution and retail
channels, in Europe, U.S. and Asia, and from the I.R.I.S. online store,
(http://shop.irislink.com). Suggested retail price of Readiris Pro 11 is

Readiris Pro 11 Corporate Edition for Mac OS X is available through the
channel, Value-Added Resellers (VARs) at a suggested retail price of $399,
and from the I.R.I.S. online store.

All I.R.I.S. products are available through Ingram Micro, Navarre and
Douglas Stewart.

About I.R.I.S.
Image Recognition Integrated Systems (I.R.I.S.), a Belgian company founded
in 1987 and listed on Euronext Brussels (IRI), is a leader in the “Document
to Knowledge” market, and provides extremely high-quality solutions for
converting paper documents into electronic formats for archiving, storing,
managing and sharing digital information.

For more information on our company, our solutions or our products, visit
the I.R.I.S. website at (http://www.irislink.com/) or call I.R.I.S. at
800.447.4744 (9A-5P EST)