While we’re waiting for the next rev of the iMac — which should be next spring or summer if Apple maintains its usual update schedule — I’m happy to speculate about what features I’d like. And, no, I’m not going to reiterate my plea for Blu-ray playback (well, okay, just briefly — please, Steve). Instead I’d like to call for improved speakers and an even better display.

The downward firing speakers in the all-in-one iMac are decent 2.1 speakers. However, Apple could do better. I don’t really like comparing a Mac to a PC, but I think Acer may be onto something with the audio system in its new Aspire AZ3100-U3072 — is that a boring moniker or what? — which sports high-def 5.1 channel audio and a display with true 1080p resolution.

The Acer system is only US$599. Surely, those are features that Apple can add to a machine that costs more (but is certainly worth the moolah).

Or consider the The Wind Top AE2420 3D from MSi, which delivers 2.1 channel surround sound via two hi-fi five-watt channel speakers and a 10-watt subwoofer powered by MSI Premium Sound Technology and THX TruStudio Pro technology. Again, imagine that on an iMac.

What’s more, I’d love for the next iMac to accept a 1920×1080 (1080p) resolution so that devices such as the Kanex XD could output at 1080. Currently, the iMac display only accepts 1280×720 (720p) or 2560×960 resolution base on the display EDID.

Then there’s the Gateway One line, which starts at $899.99, and includes high-definition audio with 5.1 channel support. Oh, and it includes a TV tuner and Blu-ray drives. Oops, sorry. I did mention the Blu-ray thing again, didn’t I?

— Dennis Sellers