Precision Recall Delivers Today’s Most Accurate Information Retrieval
Capabilities While Eliminating Wasted Search Time and Money

Mountain View, Calif. — October 25, 2005 – Agent Software, innovators in
intelligent search solutions, today raised the bar for information search
and retrieval with the introduction of Precision Recall. Precision Recall
is a desktop application that takes the concept of federated search — one
of the hottest areas in search today — to the individual to significantly
improve the accuracy of research, boost productivity and enable users to
more easily share research files, while eliminating wasted time and money.

In a federated search, a user enters a word or phrase and receives
integrated results from multiple data stores (e.g., other search engines,
commercial information services, or internal databases). Utilizing
highly-innovative categorization technology, Precision Recall similarly
allows users to quickly, easily and cost-effectively collect, organize and
publish vital content from a variety of resource repositories including
local files, email and the Web. Precision Recall accomplishes this all
within one simple integrated application interface. Precision Recall is
fully complementary with popular search tools including Google, and extends
and enhances Apple’s revolutionary Spotlight technology introduced in their
recent OS X 10.4 Tiger Release.

Precision Recall: Eliminating Wasted Search Time and Money
It’s estimated that searchers are successful at finding what they seek 50
percent of the time or less. Additionally, according to IDC’s 2004 report,
The High Cost of Not Finding Information, 40 percent of corporate users
cannot find on their intranets the information they need to do their jobs.
Companies incur costs based on time spent looking for information and
recreating information that cannot be found, as well as less tangible
opportunity costs arising from the inability to leverage existing

In his role as a senior research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center,
located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Dr. Hector D’Antoni makes heavy use
of the Internet. “For searching, Precision Recall provides structure and
helps quickly organize information in a meaningful manner,” D’Antoni
remarked. “Further, it saves time by clustering information so it is handy
in creating collections of files related to a specific subject. I would
rank the product as an outstanding research tool based on its precision,
the quality of data obtained and its ease of use.”

Precision Recall is an integrated search application that returns unbiased
and precise results to queries based on user-defined properties. Its
innovative categorization technology creates an interactive topic view into
a local repository that organizes results into relevant groups and
dynamically creates virtual folders containing content users can easily
customize. Users personalize results within areas of interest through
evaluation of the appropriateness of the content, which they can then edit,
annotate and rate. These logical groups eliminate disconnected searches
and provide an accurate history and audit trail. Topic Views also increase
productivity and facilitate knowledge coordination and collaboration. As a
result, end users increase accuracy, productivity and can collaborate with
their peers while maximizing value from the Web, company intranet, emails
and local files. Plug-ins for RSS feeds, subscription sources and other
search tools are under development.

Key product benefits include:

* Enhanced recall and insight;
* More accurate and precise search and data retention;
* Improved speed, efficiency and ease of use;
* Increased collaboration with peers; and
* Less need for redundant services or databases.

Agent Software was founded by three software industry veterans, Allan
Goode, president and CEO; Russell McMahon, CTO; and Herb Blumstein, COO,
who recognized a critical need for solutions to improve and streamline the
information access and retrieval function. “To say that people today are
inundated with information is a gross understatement,” observed Goode.
“Individuals and companies don’t need more data; they are drowning in data
already. What they need is more intelligent data. Precision Recall helps
users more effectively leverage Internet search to create and support an
opinion by melding trusted research with internal trends to lead to
intelligent — and immediately actionable — information.”

Precision Recall integrates easily into existing desktop applications, with
no IT or database experience needed, and requires no additional hardware.
The solution works with today’s popular search tools including Google, and
Apple Tiger’s revolutionary Spotlight technology.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for Precision Recall starts at $99.00 per individual user depending
on features and system configurations. Discounts are available for
government, education and non-profit organizations. Precision Recall for
the Apple 10.4 Tiger platform is available now; the company will offer a
Windows platform product and support Microsoft’s Office desktop suite in Q1
of 2006.

About Agent Software

Agent Software is an innovator in delivering intelligent search solutions.
The company’s Precision Recall software takes federated search to the
masses by allowing consumers, business professionals and academics to
quickly explore, organize and share vital content all within a single
interface. Leveraging Precision Recall’s customizable topic view, users
can create a personalized repository of their research built on clustered
themes rather than disconnected random searches. As a result, users
increase accuracy, productivity and improve collaboration while
simultaneously maximizing ROI from traditional sources and value added
services. Agent Software is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and
offers its products direct to users. For more information on Agent
Software or Precision Recall, call 650-964-8010 or visit