For the first time since releasing OmniPlan native on Apple Vision Pro, the Omni Group released OmniPlan 4.8, which is universal across four Apple platforms — Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Vision Pro.

The update of the planning app introduces “Install Links” for simplified Omni Automation plug-in installation, which provides the “Look, Tap, and Approve!” mechanism developed for Apple Vision Pro to the other platforms. OmniPlan 4.8 also introduces support for custom data on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Vision Pro for the first time. 

Previously only available in OmniPlan for Mac, custom data support lets you display custom data in the project outline and track tasks accordingly. For example, if there’s a particular bit of data, say a part number or item key, that you’ve configured in OmniPlan for Mac, it can now be viewed and edited in OmniPlan across all synced devices. Naturally, OmniPlan 4.8 also includes fixes to variety of bugs. See the full Mac, iPad and iPhone and Apple Vision Pro release notes for the full run down of the changes in OmniPlan 4.8.

OmniPlan costs US$19.99 per month for a subscription. Or you can pay $19999 for the standard version or $399.99 for the pro version. A 14-day demo is available for download.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today