PocketMac 3.0 Adds Bluetooth, E-Mail Synching, 3rd Party Software
Installation & Much More

La Jolla, CA–September 2003–Information Appliance Associates announces
the new release of PocketMac, the original Mac-to- Pocket-PC sync solution.

“We’ve really pulled out the stops on this release,” said Terence Goggin,
CTO of Information Appliance Associates. “We’ve added Bluetooth
support–now users can sync over Bluetooth, USB, and Airport. We also now
have the ability to sync email. What’s more, our customers can now install
most Pocket PC software & themes directly from their Macs, regardless of
whether the developers have provided the CAB files.”

In addition to enhanced support for the existing contact, calendar and
tasks sync (with Entourage, iCal & OS X Address Book), version 3.0 is most
notable for its new features, offering Mac users unparalleled tools to sync
their Pocket PC with their Mac, including…

* The PocketMac Theme–PocketMac 3.0 transforms the Pocket PC into a Mac
PDA–it actually changes the look & feel of Pocket PCs with Macintosh
buttons & backgrounds.

* Complete Support For Pocket PC 2003 Edition–PocketMac 3.0 has full
support for the new Pocket PC 2003 PDA without sacrificing support for
models previously supported by PocketMac.

* E-Mail Synching–PocketMac 3.0 offers complete e-mail synching with
Entourage and Apple’s Mail.app.

* Bluetooth–PocketMac 3.0 offers complete support for wireless synching
with Pocket PCs over Bluetooth or Airport (802.11b).

* Installation Of Pocket PC Software–Pocketmac 3.0 offers rich support for
the installation of Pocket PC software whether the developer has provided a
Windows EXE or a CAB file. The install process is even simpler than on a
Windows-based PC.

* Installation Of Pocket PC Themes–PocketMac 3.0 offers one-click support
for the installation of Pocket PC themes.

* Avantgo–PocketMac 3.0 has built-in support for Avantgo’s channel network.

* Mazingo–PocketMac 3.0 has built-in support Mazingo’s channel network.

* WebFavorites–PocketMac 3.0 offers the ability to sync users’ favorite
websites to the Pocket PC for offline browsing.

* iSync Integration–PocketMac 3.0 offers integration with Apple’s iSync.

* iTunes–PocketMac 3.0 supports the synching of users’ MP3s with their
Pocket PC with iTunes.

* iPhoto–PocketMac 3.0 supports the synching of users’ photos and pictures
with their Pocket PC using iPhoto.

* Desktop Mounting–Now, PocketMac 3.0 can mount the Pocket PC’s memory
and/or any of the Pocket PC’s storage cards on the desktop for greater
integration with Finder.

* Sync on Connect–When PocketMac 3.0 users put their device in their USB
cradle, PocketMac will automatically sync their Pocket PC with their Mac;
they do not have to manually initiate a sync each time.

* Internet Passthrough–PocketMac 3.0 allows users to have their Pocket PC
“piggyback” on their Mac’s internet connection, allowing them to exchange
email, view websites and more directly from their Pocket PC while it’s
connected to their Mac.

* Custom File Copy–PocketMac 3.0 allows users to ensure one or more files
they select will be copied from the Mac to the Pocket PC every time their
device is synched. This is useful for “publishing” Word documents,
spreadsheets or other data to the Pocket PC only.

* Support For Now Contact–PocketMac 3.0 now includes support for synching
Now Contact with your Pocket PC contacts (Requires Now Contact).

Goggin added, “Most of the code has been overhauled and re-written to make
the PocketMac experience seamless and terrific. The best ideas in this
version came directly from our customers. We took their wishlist and made
it happen.”

Existing aspects of the software have also been improved/enhanced. The
improvements in the software include:

* iCal Calendar Synching–PocketMac 3.0’s iCal synching supports multiple
calendars, is faster, and is more reliable as well.

* iCal To-Do/Task Synching–PocketMac 3.0 now offers iCal “To-Do” sync with
the Pocket PC’s Tasks.

* Entourage Synching–PocketMac 3.0’s Entourage synching is 83% faster than
in version 2.0 and much more reliable as well.

* Entourage Synching–PocketMac 3.0’s Contact, Calendar & Tasks sync with
Entourage synching is 83% faster than in version 2.0 and much more reliable
as well.

In addition to Pocketmac 3.0, Information Appliance Associates is also
announcing special pricing in partnership with KissWorks Inc. for those who
would like to sync Lotus Notes on the Mac with their PocketPC. This
specially-priced bundle of the latest updates to each company’s flagship
product includes PocketMac 3.0 from Information Appliance Associates and
LipSync 2.0 from KissWorks Inc. to provide an end-to-end solution for
synchronizing Contacts, Calendar entries, and ToDos between Lotus Notes and
Pocket PCs.

More information about PocketMac 3.0 can be found at http://www.pocketmac.net