IFile 2.0b from Kickstand Software released

IFile is a simple database library for software developers to use in their projects. The database files it creates use a b-tree indexing to ensure quick performance in all sorts of applications.

IFile 2.0b is a beta, it adds new features and numerous bug fixes.


Multisegment noncontiguous keys
B-Tree indexing for fast performance
Intelligent reuse of space
Static or Variable length records
Sequential access, next & previous record retrieval calls
Get record =, (, ), )=, or (= than a specified key
Duplicate keys supported

For use in a freeware project, the license is nothing but giving credit where credit is due.
For a shareware project, the license is $25 or a registration swap.

For a commercial project, $100.

Source code can also be made available to paying license holders for an additional fee.

See the IFile documentation for the full details on licensing IFile.
Note: Beginning with version 2.0b, IFile will only be distributed as PPC libraries. 68K versions could be made available if enough interest warrants. So be sure to contact Kickstand Software if you would have a need for a 68K version.

Download IFile and get more information at


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