The MRJ Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of Java development tools
for use with the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ), Apple’s Java execution
environment. Developers use the MRJ SDK to:

* Enable standard Macintosh application written in C or
Pascal to embed Java applets, run Java code, and access
the Java Runtime through the JManager API.
* Incorporate basic Macintosh functionality in Java
applications using the MRJToolkit.
* Call Java methods from C and C++.
* Call native methods from Java using JDirect.
* Build stand-alone Java applications using JBindery.
* Run Sun JDK tools through a Macintosh application or MPW script.

New in MRJ SDK 2.0.1 Early Access 4 (EA4) are updated versions of the Sun
JDK Tools and of JBindery. The user interface in JBindery has been
simplified, making it easier to package up stand-alone applications. Also
included in this release is a set of MPW scripts and an MPW tool that gives
access to some of the JDK tools. A JManager 2.0 code example called
SimpleRunner, derived from the “Apple Applet Runner”, is also included.

To use these tools, you must have MRJ 2.0 or MRJ 2.1 EA1 installed; they
are available from ( and
(, respectively.

URL for MRJ SDK 2.0.1 EA4 :