Kanex (http://www.kanexlive.com/snapx) has announced the SnapX two-port switcher designed specifically for 24 and 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Displays (ACD). It’s available now for pre-order for US$69.

The USB powered SnapX allows users to toggle between two different Mac computers including iMac, Macbook Air, Mac mini,  Macbook Pro, and new Mac models with Thunderbolt through the ACD. It features two mini DisplayPorts and two USB ports.

To use you plug in both Macs to the built-in, five-foot mini DisplayPort and USB cables. Then plug in the ACD native display cables to the SnapX. Once linked, you can utilize the iSight camera and direct the audio of the connected computers through the ACD speakers without altering the audio or video quality.

The SnapX features an ergonomic, clip-on design that fits snuggly on the bottom of the ACD stand. Additionally, it organizes all wires behind the display providing a clutter-free environment. This also reduces stress on the connectors preventing intermittent signal loss due to loose cable connections.