ksoft (www.ksoft.net) is pleased to announce the release of CPLAT II 2.0
which is an update to the CPLAT cross-platform framework.

This update includes support for building Universal Binaries and XCode 2.1
for building OSX PPC and Intel apps. Many performance improvements and
recplacing depreciated OS functions with more modern OS APIs. Also included
is a new PPobToXML conversion tool for converting PowerPlant PPobs to CPLAT
XML for use in creating a UI.

CPLAT II is a modern C++ framework using policies and STL for development
of C++ application that will run under Mac OS and / or Windows. Linux
support is partial at this time.

CPLAT II does not emulate a platforms controls, but instead uses the native
OS controls on the underlying platform. This means that the following
platform features are incorporated in CPLAT II.

Mac OS
– HIViews
– Quartz
– Carbon Events
– Sheets
– Composited Windows
– Metal Windows
– Drawers
– Navigation Services
– Nibs
– Bundles
– QuickTime
– OpenGL
– Mach or CFM
– Create UI from Interface Builder files

– Native controls
– GDI+
– QuickTime with QuickTime installed
– OpenGL

CPLAT can be built using the following supported compilers / build systems.

Mac OS
– Codewarrior Pro 8.x
– Codewarrior Pro 9.x
– Apples XCode 1.5, 2.0, 2.x (Universal Binaries)

– Codewarrior Pro 8.x
– Codewarrior Pro 9.x
– VisualNet 2003
– VisualNet 2002

CPLAT II is available for $50 and includes complete source code, projects
and documentation for all demos, tools and framework. Updates are posted
several times a year. CPLAT II can be used in commercial, shareware or
freeware applications without any further licensing costs.

Full details and trial projects can be found at: http://www.ksoft.net