three-2-one Announces first Release of CoverBuddy for iTunes

Krefeld, Germany (June 15, 2005) – three-2-one is pleased to announce the
immediate availability of CoverBuddy, the new add-on for iTunes that lets
you manage your music collection by cover art. CoverBuddy runs on Mac OS X
10.3 or later and is OS X Tiger ready.

CoverBuddy is the premier visual music browser for your iTunes music
collection. As a standalone application CoverBuddy indexes your music data,
groups tracks by album, and displays your collection as “real” albums
complete with cover art. Browse, select and play your music directly from
CoverBuddy. Because CoverBuddy uses iTunes to play your music, it works
with all your MP3 files as well as with songs purchased from the iTunes
Music Store.

CoverBuddy contains localizations for english, french, italian, spanish,
dutch and german.

Joerg Pressel, Managing Director of three-2-one and developer of
CoverBuddy: “CoverBuddy is all about the good old habit of selecting music
by simply looking at your record covers, the way you used to. It
reestablishes a real connection with your music, and It’s unique cover grid
view complements iTunes’ functionality perfectly. CoverBuddy really is
iTunes’ new best friend!”

CoverBuddy’s features include a full screen mode which is great for parties
or embedded audio / video systems, like in cars. It also boasts
sophisticated filtering and search methods that let you arrange your albums
by artist, genre, year, etc., easily and on the fly. In addition users can
completely customize the overall appearance of CoverBuddy to compliment
their personal collection.

With the unregistered CoverBuddy, you can use all features, but launch is
delayed and cover art is overlayed. Registering CoverBuddy removes those

CoverBuddy is only $24.95 / =A419.95 to register, including taxes.

=46or more information visit the CoverBuddy website at: http://www.coverbudd=

Download location: