Sawblade Software Releases Power Game Factory Demo

Litchfield, CT — June 15, 2005 — Sawblade Software has released a free
demo of Power Game Factory, an innovative new game authoring tool for Mac
OS X. Power Game Factory lets users produce graphically rich, action-packed
side scrolling games, and no programming is required.

Harnessing old-school gameplay, hardware accelerated graphics, and
realistic physics, Power Game Factory is the ideal system with which
experienced artists and designers may construct sophisticated, compelling
Macintosh games.

But Power Game Factory will likely seem even more exciting to those to whom
computer game design was never before an option. As Sawblade Software
founder Jesse Simko points out, “There are kids in every middle school who
are creative enough to design games. Power Game Factory lets them put their
ideas into motion, and it’s simple enough so that they can finish the job.
The focus is on implementing content; it’s not about programming,
scripting, and debugging.”

Power Game Factory’s content-driven approach to game design should appeal
to anyone who aspires to release the next great Mac game. Luckily,
completed game projects can be compiled into self-contained, fully
functional applications which may be sold without royalties or limitations
of any kind.

The Power Game Factory demo offers the same comprehensive feature set and
intuitive interface found in the full version of Power Game Factory, but
game projects designed with the demo are limited to a single level.

Available now for US$44.00, Power Game Factory ships on a CD bundled with
the Greenland Invasion game project, a ridiculously entertaining mini-game
that demonstrates the advanced capabilities of the software. An included
6-step beginner’s tutorial will help users get started with their own game
design projects, while an exhaustive 190 page user’s manual provides a
complete reference. Also included with Power Game Factory are collections
of extra level background graphics and game music. In addition, customers
will enjoy free Sawblade Software stickers and a Sawblade Software product
order form offering discounts on merchandise.

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