Mesa Dynamics Adds Widget Layouts to Amnesty

Washington, DC — June 15, 2005 — Mesa Dynamics today announced the
release of Amnesty Widget Browser .85b introducing support for multiple
widget “layouts” that can be called to the desktop at any time.

Each “layout” in Amnesty Widget Browser is a virtual space that remembers
widget configurations on the screen. For example, one layout may contain
often used widgets, another may display games and puzzles and another
layout may contain news gathering widgets. Widget layouts can be useful in
dealing with increasingly large widget libraries or for users with limited
screen real estate.

Amnesty Widget Browser is a utility for Tiger and Panther (10.3.9) that
allows dashboard widgets to live directly on the desktop via an icon in the
system menu bar. Widgets loaded in Amnesty Widget Browser run completely
independent of the Dashboard environment, maintain their own preferences
and feature additional properties such as window level and opacity.

The latest public beta version of Amnesty Widget Browser is immediately
available for download at Version 1.0 is slated for
release July 2005.

Mesa Dynamics, LLC is a privately held software development company,
specializing in innovative technologies for text and image data mining,
digital asset re-purposing and image processing.