Major Upgrade Offers Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 Integration, Embedded IPTC
Keywords, Enhanced IntelliScanner Barcode Testing Tools

CARY, North Carolina (May 12th, 2005) — Intelli Innovations, Inc. today
released Barcode Producer 3.5r, a major upgrade to its award-winning
barcode generation suite for Mac OS X. From simple retail package design
projects to advanced inventory and asset tracking deployments, Barcode
Producer features an easy-to-understand interface and trademark Symbology
Guide that offers advanced barcode generation functionality — without the
need for prior experience with barcodes.

Major new features and enhancements in Barcode Producer 3.5r include:

– Integration with Adobe Creative Suite 2.0, including:

– Embedded Adobe Bridge metadata representing barcode value, symbology,
and creation information. This feature allows users to search for Barcode
Producer EPS files from within Adobe Bridge or Photoshop’s File Browser
based on the type of barcode, value, or other data.

– Integrated thumbnail images, allowing Adobe Bridge to display a
thumbnail of the generated barcode without EPS parsing. Barcode Producer
can now create a small, bitmapped thumbail embedded within each EPS file,
without an external parser.

– Enhanced Instant Transfer buttons now support sending completed barcodes
directly to Photoshop CS2 or Illustrator CS2, eliminating the extra steps
of saving, relocating, and opening temporary artwork files.

– EPS output optimizations for barcode use within Adobe Illustrator CS2.

– Enhanced printed barcode testing functionality: the built-in
IntelliScanner Barcode Tester (for use with Intelli Innovations’
professional series IntelliScanner Pro and IntelliScanner Scanabout 800
readers) now supports Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes and offers ISBN check
digit validation for Bookland EAN barcodes (including both 10-digit and
upcoming 13-digit standards).

– Embedded IPTC keywords and authoring information, giving third-party
graphics manipulation products (such as GraphicConverter) access to
detailed generation and symbology details, without the need for Barcode
Producer to be installed on the end designer’s machine.

– New asset tag creation features, including an extended range of border
options, automatic unit conversion, and default naming based on origin
barcode value. Users can also prototype pre-printed, polyester
IntelliScanner Asset Tags by using 2.0×0.5″ dimensions.

– Streamlined Tasks menu, offering quick access to commonly used features.
Barcode Producer 3.5r’s user navigation is based around the Symbology
Guide, designed to help both novice and expert users locate and create the
right kind of barcode for their project.

– Significant improvements to Code 128 barcode generation, including faster
EPS output speeds and improved internal control code calculation.

This release also adds numerous small features and enhancements based on
customer requests and feedback, not listed here.

Pricing & Availability
Barcode Producer 3.5r is now available from Intelli Innovations, Inc. for
$149.00. Version 3.5r is a free upgrade for all Barcode Producer 3.x
license holders; upgrades from any previous version are $49.00. Barcode
Producer requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

Barcode Producer 3.x is fully Sunrise 2005 compliant, supporting barcode
generation options for multiple packaging levels to represent Global Trade
Identification Number (GTIN) standards. The software also supports
generation for barcodes representing upcoming 13-digit ISBNs.

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