SQLiteManager 1.4

SAN DIEGO, California (May 11, 2005) – SQLabs today announced the
availability of SQLiteManager 1.4 for Mac OS and Windows, an update that
includes the ability to read and write SQLite 3 databases. SQLiteManager
1.4 can also convert existing SQLite 2 databases to the SQLite 3 format.
Also new are a set of classes that can be added to any REALbasic project to
provide the same flexible report generation system as that found in

REAL Software recently announced that they will be offering a new
single-user database engine based on SQLite 3 in an upcoming release of
REALbasic. REALbasic developers who want to begin to explore SQLite and
what it has to offer, in anticipation of its inclusion in REALbasic, can
download SQLiteManager and give it a try.

SQLabs also offers SQLiteManager for free with every purchase of
SQLitePluginPro, the SQLite 2 database plugin for REALbasic. With
SQLitePluginPro and SQLiteManager together, REALbasic developers can get a
head start on developing SQLite database applications in REALbasic. When
SQLite appears in REALbasic, SQLitePluginPro users need only to convert
their SQLite 2 databases to SQLite 3 with SQLiteManager, and they will be
ready to continue working.

Pricing and Availability

SQLiteManager 1.4 is a free upgrade for all current users. New single-user
licenses are $39. To download the latest demo of SQLiteManager, please
visit (http://www.sqlabs.net/index.php?page=download).

About SQLiteManager

SQLiteManager is a database manager for SQLite databases. SQLiteManager can
create and browse tables, indexes, and views, insert, remove, and edit
table records, and execute arbitrary SQL statements. SQLiteManager can also
save commonly used SQL scripts directly in any database. A flexible and
powerful report generation system allows data to be exported in almost any
text format, including HTML, CSV, and XML.

About SQLabs

SQLabs specializes in database products for REALbasic. Our family of
products range from a SQLiteAddOns a SQLite AppleScript scripting addition,
to SQLitePluginPro, which can be used with the REALbasic Professional
database API to build industrial-strength database applications in
REALbasic quickly and easily.

In addition to our database products for REALbasic, we also provide
consulting services, including custom REALbasic plugins and REALbasic

Contact Information

web: (http://sqlabs.net)
email: info@sqlabs.net