In an apparent attempt to revitalize its Switch ad campaign, Apple has just posted a request on its Web site for “New to Mac” stories. “If you’re a PC user who’s recently bought a Mac, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what made you get a Mac instead of a PC,” reads the message. “Did you fall in love with your iPod and then buy a Mac? Were you looking for a computer that’s more stable and secure than your old PC? What’s it feel like to go from Windows to Mac OS X? What do you use your Mac for–managing your music, editing photos, creating movies, recording your own songs? What can you do on your Mac that you couldn’t do on a PC? Share your story–we’re all ears.” Apple’s original Switch campaign, which was launched in 2002, failed to produce any noticeable market share gain for the company. One could speculate that with the introduction of the low-cost Mac mini Apple is looking for another push to garner new Mac users.