SubRosaSoft Announces CopyCatX Version 2.5 Ultra high speed drive
duplication, disk imaging, Ready for Tiger !!!

Fremont, CA, April 26th, 2005 — LLC., a Mac software
company focusing on system utility and data recovery software, today
announced the immediate availability of CopyCatX 2.5. The latest version of
the software incorporates improved performance, cloning to disk image, OS
10.4 Tiger compatibility, and additional support for devices such as iPods,
Tivos, and Windows hard drives.

“A huge upgrade in speed of copying a Mac OS volume has been made.”
Explained Marko Kostyrko, CEO of “An in-house benchmark
shows CopyCatX to be the fastest back-up and cloning utility available.
Whether you are using CopyCatX for cloning multiple Mac OS drives, or
simply upgrading to a new iPod, CopyCatX completes the task efficiently and

CopyCatX has always allowed users to clone from one drive to another drive.
Version 2.5 also allows users to clone devices to disk images. “This is one
of the most demanded requests by many of our current users. Many CopyCatX
customers are employed in the IT industry and have been using the software
to clone multiple drives.” Said Marko Kostryko. “The new CopyCatX has the
ability to clone partitions or devices to a disk image making it easy for
an IT person to carry a drive with multiple images. The clones – as always
– are identical to the originals.”

The latest version of CopyCatX 2.5 also sports additional device support.
“CopyCatX has always been able to clone OS X hard drives, now it can be
used to clone devices such as iPods, Tivos, Windows, and Linux disks. In
fact, CopyCatX may be the easiest application to use on the market for
duplicating Windows or Linux drives.” Marko Kostyrko explained. “For
example, with CopyCatX’s iPod support, a user can upgrade to a new
generation of iPod with just a few clicks. Every bit of information will be
copied over, your tunes, your playlists, you calendar, address book, etc.”

Undoubtedly the world’s most advanced operating system, Tiger makes it
easier than ever to find, manage, and enjoy the stuff you care about.
SubRosaSoft has been vigorously testing most of its software under the
development version of OS 10.4. CopyCatX is Tiger Ready like most of our
featured software.

Written specifically for Mac OS X, CopyCatX includes powerful features that
give a user greater flexibility in copying a volume or cloning a drive:

* Fastest software device duplicator for OS X.
* Upgrade your iPod with ease.
* Ready for Tiger (OS X 10.4)
* Cross Platform Device Copy allowing Window, TiVo, and Linux drives to be
cloned using a Mac.
* Proprietary resizing technology to regain lost space on OS X volumes
after a copy.
* Easy-to-use interface simplifies duplication process to a few clicks.
* Bootable CD-ROM supporting machines ranging from first generation iMacs
to the latest PowerBooks.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

The MSRP for CopyCatX is $49.95 for download and $59.95 plus shipping for
the bootable CD version. To purchase CopyCatX, please visit our website or
contact your local reseller. All current owners of all versions of CopyCatX
can upgrade to the new version complimentary (download only). SubRosaSoft
CopyCatX requires Mac OS X 10.3 or above. For more information on CopyCatX,
please visit

For more information, contact by e-mail at Sales@ or visit