Midnight Mage Software announces RollCall Directory 1.3 for Tiger.

26 April 2005, HAYMARKET, VA. In preparation for Mac OS 10.4, Midnight Mage
Software releases RollCall Directory 1.3, the company’s print utility for
the Mac OS X Address Book. RollCall Directory has been updated for the new
features of Tiger such as Smart Groups and expanded address book fields.
Smart Groups, the capability to create contact groups that automatically
update themselves, has been smoothly integrated and tested with RollCall
Directory. In addition, new International Address Formats are now
supported, as well as the new multiple URL (web page) field. Along with
these new features, Midnight Mage Software artists are releasing new
artwork so that you can see how easy it is to create labels for a variety
of uses. Finally, new Label Graphic options allow the user greater control
on the placement of the art. RollCall Directory 1.3 continues to be the
best way to print the address book or pictorial directory you may need and
the labels you want.

Don’t be limited by Mac OS X Address Book printing capabilities! Specify
the appearance of the address book YOU want to have! Set multiple columns
(1-4), select the fields you want to display, change the font, size, style,
color, and other layout options. Specify only the information you really
want for the perfect hard copy edition of your OS X Address Book. All the
Address Book fields for Mac OS 10.2 & 10.3 are supported, as well as all 61
International address formats. Complete font control for various parts of
the graphic directory and labels are now possible.

Not only can you print perfectly customized directories from the address
book, RollCall Directory 1.3 provides registered users greater versatility
for making labels to suit a wide variety of mailing and specialty needs.
Pictures, graphics, icons, and even company logos can now be added to your
labels. Example clipart is included with the software to show how to print
out seasonal labels. Also, the new software expands the range of label
templates. Choose from our list of most commonly used label sizes or input
your own custom settings to create any label layout you could possibly
want. You have complete control. You can even print directly on various
sizes of envelopes.

No longer for use just in mailings, labels can also be used in specialty
situations. Make custom name tags, book plates, gift tags, place setting
cards or anything else you can imagine. Whatever your need, you can choose
from our basic set of templates or create your own custom content. Label
printing capabilities are expanded to allow the user to make multiples of
the same label, or start your printing anywhere on the page. No more half
used pages of labels going to waste.

To better meet the needs of our European customers, RollCall Directory not
only supports the proper format of all 61 countries included in the OS 10.4
Address Book, it also supports common European label templates. The
software has been localized (translated) for English, German, French,
Dutch, Danish, and Spanish.

This upgrade is provided free to all our customers of RollCall Directory
1.0, 1.1 or 1.2! Existing customers will not need to reregister or purchase
RollCall Directory 1.3; their registration information will work
automatically ( rollcall.dmg).

Midnight Mage is a development group based in Haymarket, Virginia whose
goal is to provide useful and time saving applications to the Mac OS X
users at an affordable price. Midnight Mage Software plans to offer a wide
range of applications for increased productivity needs (as well as a few
NON-productivity needs). They believe good software can be divided into two
categories: programs that quickly complete tasks for you, thus saving you
time, and programs that entertain you, thus using up your time in an
enjoyable manner.

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RollCall Directory is registerware, and a single-user registration code
still costs only $14.99.

Unregistered demo copies of RollCall Directory are partially functional and
can be used to print a graphic directory.

RollCall Directory requires Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 or above (commonly
referred to as Jaguar, Panther and Tiger).