InterGate v9

Packed with new features, InterGate v9 is the hardware-free security
solution that can make your system truly safe today.

As with all Vicomsoft’s solutions this new version of InterGate offers the
very best proven security service available for Windows or Mac OS X. It is
easy to install and yet powerful and sophisticated in what it does.

You can rest easy with InterGate v9; your Windows and, or Mac OS X systems
will be protected in a Vicomsoft security blanket. InterGate technology
interleaves between the operating system communication ports and the
outside world; this way the operating system ports don’t communicate
directly with external sources. With all the additional features embedded
in the InterGate v9 you can monitor, report and even prevent security
issues in real time.

Vicomsoft, with over 20 years experience of delivering software for managed
communications and network access and security, is once again leading the
way in helping to prevent security breaches.

“Vicomsoft InterGate v9 has had a fantastic reception from clients over the
last week. We are delighted to be able support their needs and to protect
their businesses so effectively. Our clients rely on Vicomsoft to deliver,
consistently, high specification security solutions that underpin
business-critical systems in their organisations.” said David Townend, CEO
of Vicomsoft. “The advances in our technologies and the ease of deployment
and maintenance are the key features. For those charged with implementing
secure networks and Internet access, Vicomsoft solutions are a very
attractive and cost-effective option.”