MacA&D OSX 1.1 for UML, DFDs, ERDs and Requirements

Placitas, NM – April 1, 2005 – Excel Software began shipping MacA&D OSX 1.1
for requirements management, software modeling, code generation,
reengineering and flexible report generation. Version 1.1 adds configurable
title blocks in all diagram editors, new high performance editing of large
text files, drag & drop for diagrams and text and customized requirements

All diagram editors now support a configurable title block for creating an
engineering legend that can appear on the screen, in diagram printouts and
in generated reports. A title block can have multiple rows and columns of
resizable cells where each cell may contain static or editable text with
user control over text fonts, sizes, color, justification and line
wrapping. Data from user configurable fields associated with each diagram
can be included in the title block. The user can also control title block
placement and frame each page or entire multiple page diagrams for
professionally printed design work and custom reports.

Code, Report and Specification windows use a new high-performance editing
engine that handles very large text files. A 20-MB file can be read or
written in under 5 seconds versus minutes in Apple’s TextEdit or other
applications that use the text editing features built into the Mac OS. The
new text editor supports a configurable tab size, smart line wrapping, undo
and redo commands and drag and drop. Often source code is aligned into
blocks for easier reading. A selected block of text in the Code or Browse
window can be shifted left or right.

Diagram and table editors now support drag and drop. Whole or partial
diagrams can be dragged to a document in a word processor or graphics
application or to the desktop as a Picture Clipping file. Likewise,
graphics from other applications or image files on disk can be dragged onto
a MacA&D diagram. Accepted graphic formats include PICT, BMP, GIF, JPEG,
TIFF, Photoshop, PNG, QuickTime Image, TGA, SGI and Picture Clipping files.

The requirement’s definition process is more customizable with configurable
enforced choices on fields, the ability to add new fields to existing
entries, auto generated entry dialogs based on configured views and added
import/export options such as DIF format for moving requirements data to
and from a spreadsheet.

Other enhancements include faster document opens and writes, wildcards in
search dialogs and control over background fill colors of individual
diagram objects. Data modeling enhancements include visual indication of
NOT NULL fields on ERDs and support for long lists of table constraints.
The report generator adds floating point calculations, a library of math
functions, wildcard string searches and scriptable features in user dialogs.

MacA&D OSX priced at $1995 runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or later. It comes with
sample projects, step-by-step tutorials, ready-to-run reports, printed
manuals and PDF manuals on CD.

Excel Software
Ph: (505) 771-3719
Fax: (505) 771-3718