Hsoi’s Shop CMPlugins 2.0

Austin, Texas – 4 April 2005 – Hsoi’s Shop today releases the long overdue
update to their suite of free contextual menu plugins for Mac OS X. The
Hsoi’s Shop CMPlugins consist of 6 contextual menu plugins:

DeskPicChangeCMPlugin – Click on an image file and change your desktop
picture to it.

FileHierToClipCMPlugin – Click on a folder and place a text representation
of the folder’s complete contents on the Clipboard.

FilePathToClipCMPlugin – Click on a file or folder and place it’s full path
on the Clipboard.

LockItCMPlugin – Click on a file or folder and lock it.

UnlockItCMPlugin – Click on a file or folder and unlock it.

MROItCMPlugin – A tool for software developers to set the Modified-Read-Only
(MRO) flag of a ‘ckid’ resource.

The plugins require Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later (Mac OS 8 and 9 versions can
also be found on the Hsoi’s Shop website). They are free.

The plugins can be downloaded from the Hsoi’s Shop website:

Hsoi’s Shop has been delivering software solutions for Mac OS for almost 10
years. For more information, contact John C. Daub, Grand Pooh-Bah, Hsoi’s
Shop, hsoi@hsoi.com.