Feral Interactive has announced the release of Mini Ninjas for the Mac on Friday, June 11 — as reported by “Inside Mac Games” (http://www.insidemacgames.com). Developed by Io Interactive, Mini Ninjas follows the young ninja, Hiro and his friends as they travel through spellbound lands to do battle with a magical army of animals-turned-samurai.

Mini Ninjas sports six playable ninja characters, an open-ended level design, and the ability to control the animals of the forest. “Mini Ninjas evokes a magical Japan with a simple, but charming visual style and authentic music — the overall design comes across as a labour of love that has produced an approachable and enjoyable game,” according to Feral Interactive.

“Inside Mac Games” says that, in the coming weeks, Feral Interactive will release a Mini Ninjas demo and an additional preview trailer. The game will retail in North America for US $39.95. It’s currently available for pre-order (http://www.feralinteractive.com/game/minininjas).