equinux announces TubeStick — digital TV for=20
your Mac TV on your Mac is fun! Now the price is=20

Munich, Germany / San Mateo, CA USA, March 1st,=20
2007: Today equinux is introducing TubeStick, a=20
white Apple-esque DVB-T receiver designed=20
exclusively for the Mac. TubeStick connects to a=20
USB port and ships with equinux’ new TV software=20
“TheTube”, TV on the Mac is now simple and=20
intuitive. The device also works seamlessly with=20
equinux’ own media center solution, MediaCentral.

“TubeStick is a perfect match visually for all=20
current Macs, and thanks to its small size, it is=20
particularly attractive for notebook users.=20
Together with our new TV software ‘TheTube’, TV=20
on your Mac is a lot of fun. For our product=20
launch, we are also bundling TubeStick with=20
MediaCentral, for free. So users get two powerful=20
equinux software products as well as the=20
TubeStick hardware for the price of =A439,95=20
(rrp)”, says Till Schadde, equinux CEO.

TubeStick is based on the DVB-T standard, which=20
has found widespread adoption across Europe and=20
is available in most European countries,=20
including Germany, Austria, Switzerland,=20
Scandinavia, France and the UK.

Here are the most important features of TubeStick and TheTube:

=46ast location switching
=46or the user on-the-move, TubeStick offers the=20
ability to store tuning information for multiple=20
locations. And for even greater flexibility,=20
those locations can be exported and transferred=20
to other Macs.

Simple channel surfing
Users can easily switch to the channel they want=20
by selecting it in the channel overview or by=20
using their Apple Remote. The channel overview=20
also displays the titles of all shows currently=20

An intelligent window
Watch TV while you work! TubeStick’s flexible=20
TV-window can be set to ‘always-on-top’ and=20
adjusted to different window sizes. When resizing=20
windows, they will automatically zoom back to=20
their original position on the screen’s edge or=20
corner using the innovative “Smart Zoom” feature.=20
This is particularly handy when you have briefly=20
maximized a window and want to get back to work.

Record TV and take it with you
If you haven’t any time to watch your favorite TV=20
channel, simply record it with a single click.=20
And afterwards, you don’t only have to watch it=20
on your Mac: TheTube’s export feature can=20
transfer any recording to your iPod, so it can be=20
watched on-the-go, wherever life takes you.=20
TheTube saves a preview image and information=20
such as the shows name and length in the=20
intuitive TV-archive.

Important MediaCentral features:

– Integration of TV and IP TV

– Dolby Digital Surround Sound playback of DVDs

– iTunes Library and Video-Clips

– Easy access of Pictures, Web-Galleries, .Mac-Photocasts and flickr. Albums

– Skype integration for phone calls

– Available in 13 languages

Pricing and availability
TubeStick is available immediately. The product=20
will be sold through Apple Retailers and in the=20
equinux Online Store: http://store.equinux.com.=20
The equinux Online Store currently ships to the=20
following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium,=20
Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Holland and Sweden.

TubeStick is available immediately as the=20
TubeStick Special Edition, including TheTube and=20
MediaCentral for a recommended retail price of=20
=A439,95 (incl. VAT).

More information about TubeStick (including=20
technical details and product datasheets) can be=20
found on the equinux website.

About equinux
equinux (www.equinux.com), located in San Mateo,=20
CA (USA) and Munich, Germany, develops and=20
distributes successful Mac solutions for=20
professionals and consumers alike. Today users=20
from all over the world rely on equinux’=20
award-winning and trusted applications. The=20
business solution VPN Tracker is the=20
market-leading VPN client for the Mac OS X=20
Platform. iSale, equinux’ successful eBay=20
auctioning solution won several Apple Design=20
Awards, and currently represents the 2006 winner=20
in the most competitive category “Best Mac OS X=20
User Experience”. All product and company names=20
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