Insider Software ( has announced FontAgent Server 7, which it says is “the world’s only object-based font server and the most advanced solution for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking font collections.”

It’s built on FontFlex technology, which brings object-based font management performance, scalability, flexibility, power and simplicity to organizations of any size. It integrates the basic objects of font management–fonts, sets, users, groups, font licenses and directories–into a firm foundation for enterprise font management, according to Insider Software.

Admins then invite users, and import and assign fonts. FontAgent Server does the rest, making sure that everyone gets the fonts they’re supposed to have, and that the organization stays in compliance. To ease administration, admins can define sets of fonts and organize users into role, team or project-based groups.

FontAgent Server 7 is available via cloud subscription or on-premise license. Cloud pricing is $89 per user per year and includes free server and client software upgrades plus server hosting and support. On-premise pricing for the server is $1,895 plus $149 per user and includes one year of software maintenance and support. Upgrade pricing is available for current customers using FontAgent Server 6. Free trials are available.