MenuStrip 3 Adds an Innovative New Way to Hide Your Desktop Clutter

Palo Alto, CA – February 10, 2005 – MenuStrip 3.0.3 Introduces an
Innovative New Way to Hide Your Desktop Clutter

MacPowerUser Software is proud to announce the release of MenuStrip
3.0.3 for Mac OS X. This update to our popular menu utility introduces
an innovative new way to quickly and easily clear window and desktop
clutter out of the way as you use your Mac to get work done.

This exciting new feature, coupled with MenuStrip’s existing ‘Auto-Hide
Others’ setting, brings about a true ‘single-application mode’
experience. When enabled, each time you switch applications all of the
background windows and desktop icons will hide out of view. This lets
you focus completely on the current application. Later, when you need
to access your desktop files, you can click on the Finder and the
desktop icons will fade back into view.

The ‘Auto-Hide Others’ and ‘Hide Desktop’ modes can easily be toggled
on and off using a convenient menu button or user-configurable keyboard
shortcut. Focusing on your work has never been easier!

Version 3.0.3 update highlights:
* Hide Desktop / Auto-Hide Others button
* Hot-Key support for the Quick Launcher menu item
* Added new ‘icon-fade’ screen effect when applications launch and
files open
* Fixed custom menu support for correctly handling folder aliases
* Improved font rendering for certain LCD font smoothing settings
* Many other minor fixes and improvements

MenuStrip is the easiest and most flexible way to create your very own
menus and shortcuts in the Mac OS X menu bar. Create menus by dragging
folders full of files, or create application shortcuts by simply
dragging applications to MenuStrip’s items window. If your menu bar is
already cramped for space, MenuStrip can help out there too. Use
MenuStrip’s control strip option to display your menu items anywhere on
the screen.

MenuStrip also has a flexible plugin architecture that lets you add
useful tools to the menu bar. Several free plugins are already
available, with more on the way. The currently available plugins are:

* Contacts Menu: Have your Address Book contacts quickly available in
the menu bar. Easily copy addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

* TunesControl: Control iTunes playback from the menu bar. You no
longer need to switch applications just to skip to the next song.

* Safari Menu: Keep track of both your most recent and most frequent
web sites visited with Safari. Organizes pages by their domain name so
you no longer have to dig through your History to find the page you’re
looking for.

* Eject Button: Eject your CD/DVD disc or empty tray by clicking this
convenient menu button. Perfect for users with keyboards that don’t
have an eject key.

For more information about MenuStrip, please visit:

Download MenuStrip 3.0.3 (728 Kb) –

MenuStrip 3.0.3 is a free update for all registered MenuStrip users.