Pyramid Design Announces FTP Suite 4.0

Introduces new support options to speed response times for professional

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (Thursday, February 10, 2005) —
Pyramid Design announced a major upgrade to its REALbasic FTP solution
today. Additionally, an entirely new support structure has been created
to provide better support.

New Features and Performance Improvements

“FTP Suite has been re-engineered internally to provide significant
improvements to its basic performance and feature set,” noted Pyramid
Design President,Joseph Nastasi, “It has a more object-oriented
programming interface and a measurable improvement of 10-15% when
transferring files and 20-30% when transferring entire directories.”

A major new feature, and a direct result of the new FTP Suite
architecture, is the ability to initiate and manage multiple FTP
sessions. Another often-requested feature is a method to parse FTP
directory listings. ParseDirLineList parses a line from a directory
listing and returns a class that has information about the file or
directory that line represents.

Other new features include:
SetLocalFolderItem provides the ability to set a local folder
using a FolderItem, instead of a path string.
ParentDir changes to the current working directory’s parent directory.
New, real-world applications show how to use FTP Suite.

New Support Options

FTP Suite has several free support options for both professional and
hobbyists. A frequently asked questions page, announcement list, user
forum and bug reporting form, are all included with both licenses.

In addition, Pyramid Design now offers all licensees the opportunity to
purchase a Support Incident that provides the customer with faster
turnaround and more complete support for FTP Suite development issues.
For each support incident, Pyramid Design will review customer code,
and test with customer servers, if required. A three US business day
response time is guaranteed.

Professional Licensees also have the option to purchase a yearly
Support Plan that allows up to six Support Incidents, at a savings of
60%. Finally, an Upgraded Support Plan is available that allows up to
twelve Support Incidents, at the same savings and a guaranteed response
time of one US business day.

About FTP Suite

FTP Suite is professional software library that allows REALbasic
applications to implement the FTP protocol. First released in November,
2002, FTP Suite is the only full-featured, fully-supported FTP Solution
available to REALbasic developers. Visit the FTP Suite website at: for more information.

About Pyramid Design

Pyramid Design is a professional software development firm that
specializes in application development and consultation. The company
also offers A-OK! The Wings of Mercury for Mac OS and is currently
developing the A-OK! Spacecraft Simulation System. The company is
located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, USA, and can be contacted at: