V-MODA has added a new addition to its Ear Armor hearing protection line: the Faders VIP. Like the original Faders, the VIP edition is designed to protect your hearing by evenly reducing harmful noise levels by 12dB across the frequency spectrum, while still allowing for music and speech to pass with crystal clarity, according to Val Kolton, chief visionary officer and founder of V-MODA.

Featuring four sizes of medical grade fittings to fit the smallest and largest of ears, Faders VIP also boasts a new detachable cord and a carrying case. V-MODA Faders VIP comes in three color variations Gunmetal Black, Rouge Red and Electro Pink.  They are available now exclusively for US$20 at V-MODA.com and Amazon.com. 

Each set of Faders VIP includes four sizes of medical grade BLISS 3.0 hybrid-silicone fittings to fit ears of all sizes  For more info about the hearing loss pandemic and its causes, please visit V-MODA.com/FADERS-VIP .